What it is

Waxy Pith is a dynamic platform for the contemporary arts, functioning in Brussels (BE), Oslo (NO), Linz (AT), Prague (CZ), and further afield. Waxy Pith nurtures genuine artistic practice in which the essence of the work is palpable. Possessing a decidedly nomadic modus operandi and
an evolving organic structure, Waxy Pith presents striking works in varying contexts.

Works presented by Waxy Pith are genuine, imbued with depth; they are expansive, innately poetic, resonant. All creative genres are embraced; unfamiliar or undiscovered works of an exceptional standard are selectively exposed, their inherent meaningfulness derived from the nature of the work itself. Waxy Pith deems the intrinsic content of a piece to be its true value.
The composition of the exhibition is like a symphony in which each work sings out.

The showing and selective interweaving of the visual arts, performance, spoken word, music, dance, film, and literature introduce into the programme a rich repertoire of content, while the formation of particular collaborations imparts further dimensionality. By way of a finely tuned compositional process, cross-links are continually forged, ever widening the range of artists, galleries, and private individuals with whom Waxy Pith works.

Who it is

JODIE HRUBY : Artist, architect, designer, poet, writer, and critic. Jodie is the founder and creative force at Waxy Pith. Treating the platform as an extension of her own art practice, she researches and selects works and collaborates closely with other artists on all Waxy Pith projects. Exhibitions and occasions are developed to facilitate the presentation of the works in direct relation to the physical context in which they are positioned. Prior to Waxy Pith, Jodie founded Naked State, an arts platform housed in a downtown Brussels gallery space, functioning in the selfsame manner. OLVE SANDE : Artist based in Oslo. Olve assisted with the development of the platform during the initial stages. MANU BLONDIAU : Graphic designer, founder/operator of ALT alt, and professor at Ecole de Recherche Graphique (ERG) in Brussels. Manu actively contributes to the platform with graphics input. PHILIP JANSSENS : Artist and musician based in Antwerp. Philip contributes to the platform in various capacities. DEBORAH COÛTEAUX : A recent Master’s graduate of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Deborah provides full assistance in all Waxy Pith activities. MEMBERS : The precious loves who enthusiastically contribute to the programme in multifarious ways.


Waxy Pith : of splendid substance.