Born in 1977 in Ohio, USA.
Lives and works in New York.

Often recycling the mechanical components of found bicycles, clocks and the like to formulate his kinetic artworks, Juan Fontanive’s interest lies in the splendour of sequential and repetitive movement. By handcrafting the constituent parts, including the drawing or painting of characters in some cases, he creates work that overtly assumes a life of its own, a composition of movement accompanied by the inherent sound of the mechanism, delivering multidimensional sensory output saturated in poesy.

“…I like to make things that dance…”





New Lines; installation, 2011
paper. aluminum, polycarbonate, rubber cord, steel wire, electronics
181 cm x 121 cm x 7 cm (variable)


The Shapes Arise; installation -detail, 2009
latex paint on rubber cord, ink on aluminum, electronics
243 cm x 213 cm x 8 cm


Violetear, 2011
acrylic on paper, stainless steel, polyoxy-methylene (thermoplastic),
aluminum, motor and electronics
10 cm x 10 cm x 12,7 cm


Roses; installation, 2009
steel wire, aluminium, styrene, teflon, Arduino chip, electronics
152 cm x 89 cm x 60 cm


Movement 1; installation -detail, 2008
paper, steel wire, nylon, brass, rubber cord and electronics
243 cm x 213 cm x 121 cm (variable)


The Lake; installation -detail, 2006
oil on watercolour paper, clock parts, brass, steel, wire, motor
10 cm x 61 cm x 121 cm