Vadim Vosters

Born in Colmar, France.
Lives and works in Brussels.


2002 – 2004 Academie “Mixed Media”, Ghent BE
1999 – 2000 Kuvataide Academia, Helsinki FI
1997 – 2001 Academie Sint-Lucas, Ghent BE
1994 – 1997 Academie de Leie, Leuven BE
1985 – 1997 Rudolph Steiner School, Leuven BE

Solo exhibitions

2010 View, Gallery Pamme-Vogelsang DE
2009 Zwart Huis, Knokke International Photo Festival BE
2008 Fisistematante, Gallery Pamme-Vogelsang, Köln DE
2008 Installation, Gallery Nosbaum and Reding, Luxembourg LU
2007 Hollow, Gallery Artcourt, Osaka Contemporary Art Centre (Catalogue) JP
2006 Project Langemunt (Installation), SMAK, Ghent BE
2005 Installation Campo-Santo, (catalogue, multiple), Ghent BE
2005 Installation, Gallery Richard Foncke, Ghent BE

Group exhibitions

Donetsk Goes Contemporary, Art Point Donetsk, Donetsk UA
Gegoten Lood / revisited, De Markten, Brussels BE
En face, Ter Dilft, Bornem BE
Zeven hoofdzonde, Ensor Museum, Ostende BE
Young Flemish Masters, Hermitage Amsterdam NL
FREESTATE, Christophe de Jager, Ostende BE
I am Hurt, Astrid David, Brussels BE
ART BRUSSELS, Waxy Pith, Brussels BE
Art Karlsruhe, Gallery Pamme Vogelsang DE
Exhibition, De Markten, Brussels BE

The View, De Singel, Antwerp BE
LO-10, Els Gespeert and Jan Hoet, LO-Redingen BE
Frightening Facts Of …, Loods 12, Wetteren BE
Flag, MuZEE “P.P.P”, Ostende BE
Je suis les autres, Xavier Noiret-Thomé, Charleroi BE

Zwart Huis, International Photo Festival, Installation, Painting, Photography, Video;
Knokke BE
Brainbox, 10 unit, Installation, Glass, Object and Projections
Fantasic Illusion, Buda, “Panorama / Caldedoscope, Glass, Installation, Projections, Paintings
and Objects, Kortijk BE and Shanghai CN
Orde en Chaos, Mechelen BE
Refence, Performance with Michael Aerts, White Box, New York US
Refence, Brakke Grond Amsterdam NL

Cuesta, City of Tielt open-air Mulimedia Installation “Invasion/Inkom/Intrede“ BE
Fisistematante, Gallery Pamme-Vogelsang, Painting, Installation and Performance,
Köln DE
Exhibition, Nosbaum and Reding gallery, Luxembourg LU
Exhibition, Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke BE

Pushing the Canvas, De Garage, (catalogue) Mechelen BE
Night Hawks, ACEC, Existentie, Installation, Beer/ Procertion, Ghent BE
Hollow, Artcourt Gallery Osaka Contemporary Art Centre (catalogue),
Solo Performance, Osaka JP

Project langemunt (installation in the city of Gent), SMAK, Ghent BE
Filiaal v/d Hemel, (light installation), Lokeren BE
Light Installation, Nederland-Belgie/Belgie-Nederland BE-NL
Prospection Light project Xiamen (vis-à-vis Art Lab), China (2008)
Exhibition ‘Ephemerality’, Menen (catalogue)
Lecture, Catholic University of Leuven (KUL), ‘Pelliculle en Pixels’ with
Barbara Baert

Installation, Gallery Richard Foncke, Ghent BE
Young Artists (selected by Philipe van Cauteren), palmarium (performance)
(catalogue) BE
Biënnale of Painting, (catalogue), Diksmuide BE
Mixed-media 2D, z/w Foto’s Palmarium, Ghent BE
Basic 2-3D (installation ), Croxaproqeus, Ghent BE
Ventilatie, Memling Musuem, Installation, (catalogue) Bruges (Corpus 05) BE
Exhibition, ‘Den Bouw’ Painting, Installation, Kalken BE
Installation, Campo-Santo, (catalogue, multiple) Ghent BE

“Aurora”, Groeningeabdij Kortrijk BE
Exhibition, Galerie R32, Drawings, Slides, Ostende BE
Exhibition, Mixed-Media ‘Zwarte Zaal’, Ghent BE
Exhibition, Napoleonpoort, Coming People, SMAK Ghent BE
“Fris”, Galerie Jan Colle, Ghent BE

Humus II, Ter Dilft, Installation, (catalogue) CC Bornem BE
Biënnale of Young Artists, Galerie De Witte Ruimte (catalogue), Diksmuide BE
Young artists (selected by Luc Lambrecht), paintings and photographs (catalogue)
Prize S.M.A.K., Witte Zaal, Ghent BE
Grand Tour, Group exhibition, Installation, Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent BE
Y.A.T, Installation, (catalogue) Leuven BE
11th Biënnale for Modern Art Vlaanderen, (catalogue), Pouke Castle BE

Exhibition, Installation, Paintings, Cultural Centre (CC), Uccle BE
Young artists (selected by Chris Dercon), Installation (catalogue) Witte Zaal BE
Koen Art, Paintings, Installation Photographs, Watou BE

Exhibition, Room 12, Ghent BE
Humus I, Paintings and Photographs, Art Loft BE

Documentaries & interviews

Vadim Vosters & Anselm Kiefer 2010 Canvas, COBRA tv
Vadim Vosters 2009 TV Brussels


– “Kunst nu” SMAK, June 2004
– “Campo-Santo” catalogue , Georges Petitjean 2005
– “Campo-Santo” by Jan Mast 2005
– “Ephemerality” catalogue, Christophe De Jaeger 2006
– “Hollow” catalogue by Douglas Park (UK) 2007
– “Pushing The Canvas” catalogue by Liesbet Kusters 2007
– “Cuesta” catalogue 2008  Els Vermeersch
-” Lo-10 ” Cataloog 2010 Rolf Quaghebeur


Public acquisitions: Vadim Vosters and Pieter Walreat
Vlaamse Bouwmeesters 2009-10 Hofstade “De Gro”
Vlaamse Bouwmeesters 2009-10 Cahier 3
De Nieuwe opdrachtgevers 2009-10-11 Ternat “Parvis”